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Jayne's home town of Ludlow, Shropshire played host to a fantastic weekend.
of course, our invitation to this one was never in question.
My old friend, Andy Panayi put a marvellous jazz quartet together and provided the entertainment. I even got to sing a few songs with him.
Thanks to all our friends for making tthe effort to attend (in some cases flying in from other Countries in the middle of their holiday!)
In my speech, would you believe it I forgot to mention my wife Jayne, who's the most wonderful person in the World and my mum and dad. Mum couldn't make it due to illness and dad died a few years ago (he did say that I should marry Jayne though in one of his more intelligent moments!), so thanks goodness my sister, Diane was their with my niece, Evie to hold up the Hutchinson flag!