Created 19-May-14
Modified 24-May-14
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I was lucky enough to be given a Balloon Flight voucher for my 50th birthday, which we finally got around to booking last week.
It was only the second attempt, which I believe is some kind of record!
One of the girls on the flight had tried 11 times and another one's voucher ran out that day!
We were very lucky as the weather suddenly changed a couple of days before so we headed down to Oxford at 6pm.
After being designated "rope person", we all helped unpack the balloon and then they started inflating it, first with air from two petrol-driven fans, then by gas burners.
We all got in and off it went...2000ft up and the views were incredible.
After a flight of about an hour, we came down in a rugby pitch next to a University, missing their roofs by about 4ft!!
We packed up the balloon (you think a tent is awkward!), grabbed a quick Champagne and certificate and then head back home for about 10pm.
Great day and thank you so much to Nina, Luigi, Johnny, Sheila, Paul and Jude