Created 23-May-12
Modified 23-May-12
21 photos
20.5" frame.
I bought it from South Bank Bicycles way back when. It's done a good few miles and is now for sale.
I changed the brakes to V-brakes a long time ago and no longer have the original cantilevers I'm afraid.
The original handlebar is SOMEWHERE and it's driving me mad because I know I wouldn't have thrown it away!
Obviously if I find it after I've sold the bike, the buyer will receive the handlebars in the post straight away.
Although the photos show a suspension seat post, the original Marin Lite post is also still with me, as are the Marin Lite bar ends.
Also the Ritchey Vector seat, original Quake 7.0 and 7.1 tyres, Mavic 238 rims, Shimano XT-RC gears and mech. and all of its badges and decals.
The frame is in pretty good nick, apart from a few lightly worn areas, but definitely no dents.
Oh yes, I also kept the original user manual :)