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Created 17-Apr-08
Modified 26-Jul-12
Jayne and I originally had two cats when we moved into our house.
Sadly, Moocher (short hair tortoise-shell) died within a year or so of moving and her brother Benny (long hair) died the day after our wedding.
A few of years ago we couldn't stand the emptiness any more and got two cats from the National Animal Welfare Trust in Watford.
We named them Albert (semi-long-haired dark chocolate) and Charley (tabby).
Albert seems to be very thoughtful (Like Albert Einstein), but we are starting to think maybe he's just a bit slow :)
Charley is named after the famous Charley of the Public Information Films of the '70s
They are the best thing since sliced bread (and before sliced bread to be honest) and we love them both to bits.
Totally entertaining and very cuddly.
We can't wait to go home to them every evening.

Benny & Moocher

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Created 14-Apr-08
Modified 14-Apr-08
Benny & Moocher

Albert & Charley

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Created 20-Jun-18
Modified 20-Jun-18
Albert & Charley