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Have you got a new camera but aren't sure how to use it?

I can offer you a one or two-day teaching session IN YOUR OWN HOME, using YOUR OWN CAMERA, where I'll show you what all the controls are for and how to start taking better photographs with it!


If you always leave your camera on AUTO (or "waiter mode" as it's also known!), this may be the ideal opportunity for you learn all about your camera, in your own time, in the comfort of your own home!


Does your camera have a Manual setting or an "ISO" adjustment that you always avoid?

Does it have something called a "Histogram" and you've no idea what it means?

Do those nightime or party photos always come out really badly?
Do you portraits leave a lot to be desired?
I can show you why you photos don't always come out the way you expected, and how to get more predictable results.


Depending on your location, a full 1-day course starts at £100 per person.
Why not drop me a line and we can talk about a time to suit you?